Shocking news. Everything was a lie - by Gin and Tonic the cats

This is a sad day for a cat. The other days, female human revealed a secret to us, and we haven't been the same since. No, our appetite wasn't affected, thank Cat God. That would have been a disaster. 

But still, we're like sleeping more, we sad-eat. We're a bit depressed. 

The other days we found out we were not bought with lots of money and we are not a fancy breed. 

We're not Irish or African or whatever. 

We're just....perfect. 

This is a burden! How can all those Irish, African, any other country and continent cat there is, not be perfect? 

Poor guys...Could it be that we're the only purrfect cats in the world? That's too big. It's an immense responsibility for us to be the leaders of the cats. 


Gin: The female human called us; how did she call us?
Tonic: Adopted. 
Gin: Right. We're some kind of breed called 'adopted'. Apparently, it means 'perfect'. It's like you're the best kind. I do feel different now that I know I am perfect. 
Tonic: I still need to get used to this huge title. I am thinking of all the cats that are not adopted. Poor them. They are simply 'British'....
Gin: Yeah, or Russian. I heard those are nasty casts. 
Tonic: Where did you hear that? You don't know any other cats except me?
Gin: Around. I have my sources, ok?

With perfection comes great responsibility. 

Gin: So now that we know we are from the breed called Adopted, female human told us our destiny is to love her, cuddle with her, be happy, eat only when we're called for food (that didn't sound right, I must have gotten it wrong), and make sure we do not get sick cause' the mister vet is expensive. 
Tonic: I don't know about that. I will start thinking of some sort of speech for other fellow Adopted cats and one for those who are not Adopted. They must feel like outsiders. 
Gin: Nobody wants your speech!
Tonic: Do you like your life, Gin?
Gin: Whatever, I am sleepy. 

Female human thoughts

Hi! Stef' here. The cat lady. When I told Gin and Tonic they are Adopted, I've never said the other cats are not purrfect. That's their own interpretation of my message to them. ALL CATS ARE PURRFECT! 
Even cats with different problems. 

I decided to tell Gin and Tonic they are Adopted to encourage them to share their purrfection with the world, so other female humans and male humans would adopt. 

Since I've told them they won't stop bragging about their new title. 

What a time to be a cat...

**If you are in the Netherlands you can adopt a cat from the shelter. 
** If you are in Romania you can adopt a cat from Icare or any other shelter nearby. (They are everywhere)

Pictures from their first day with me:


  1. That's the funniest thing I've read in a long time! I have full conversations with my cat over the phone. You develop a language only the two of you understand after awhile. XD

    1. You do that indeed. And it works so well.


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