Scary stuff all around me - By Tonic the cat

Lately, I've been quiet. Lots of stuff happened and time is precious. I rarely find enough. You see every time I wanted to sit down and share my adventures with you there was a buggy flying around that asked to be caught. 

I can't let that opportunity slip. Not for anything. 

But right now, buggies are hiding, my belly is stuffed with delicious foody, Gin is finally not in the spotlight and I have to tell you a story about some all the scary stuff around me. 

White popping weirdly smelling things that female hooman eats 

Now and then the female hooman opens the kitchen cabinet and takes something from there, goes to the weird machine that makes a sound and then bloop food comes out of it and begins. BOOM BOOM POC POC PUF PUF. 

Cat down

Cat Down 

Stop shooting!

It's like a war man. I swear to CatGod. I feel like I am being surrounded and bullets come my way. 

It's a nightmare.

And then comes the weird stuff....Female Hooman goes and takes out what seems to smell and look like food. She puts little white thingies in a ball and then doesn't breathe until she finishes eating. 

I try to approach those white bullets...They smell funny. 

Closer closer...sniffing. RUUUUUUUUUUUUN!!!! 

OH MY CATGOD. What in the name of fluffiness are those???? 

God, I have never been more scared in my life. 

I hide far away from those things that female hooman seems to enjoy. I don't understand females. They always eat weird stuff. 

Nothing compares to the delicious exquisite wed food female hooman gives us in the morning. 

P.S Message from female hooman: Tonic is scared of popcorn. :D

Other weird stuff 

Besides those white bullets that almost kill me every time, there is something very strange about bottles...Those guys are suspicious. I don't trust bottles! 

There's jackets too. I don't trust jackets! They've been places. Nope nope. They know more things than they should. 

Anyway, I find birds suspicious as well. I don't like being watched, ok?? Shush from our garden you spies! 

The list can go on but I spotted a buggy. Hey, by the way, what things around do you find suspicious? Maybe I should have a better look at those as well. 



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