Don't judge me for my superiority- by Gin the Cat

Not sure why I was so heavily criticized lately because of my slow reactions to why the female human leaves the house now. Of course I noticed! There is less food, fewer cuddles, and I have to wait for hours for someone to open the door to the big forest.

ugh, unacceptable almost.

That doesn't mean I don't care, ok? I am just preoccupied with other things. I have lots on my mind. It is very tiring to be me. I don't expect Tonic to understand or anyone else for that matter.

A lot of things happen in a ginger cat's life. Do you think these stripes take care of themselves on their own? Nah nah. I have to do a lot of licking!

I feel abused

Other than that I am doing just fine, thank you. I am in good shape, honestly, I don't know what's wrong with the female human and why she keeps shaming me daily and calling me 'chubby'.

Chubby? Really? That leaves deep psychological marks lady. I will become a very depressed cat and my eye is already tearing too much. This is what you want? To have a cat that needs psychological support? A cat with cat-mother issues?

I try to do my best though. I don't complain much. I do my cuddling, I eat my treatos, the delicious wet food, my beauty know.

I climb buildings and yell for help

Oh yeah, I can leave the forest now. I found a way to jump and now I get to see the neighborhood. I even climb buildings. A couple of days ago I was on a very high roof and got a bit confused about how to jump back. It seemed like a lot of effort so I just started yelling.

The female human climbed the place. I had no idea she can climb like a cat. I told her after she rescued me that we should go exploring together but for some reason, she just locked me in and didn't allow me out for 2 weeks.

I swear I have no idea what I did wrong. I even invited her.


Weird creatures.


Welcome to Tales with Gin and Tonic - the cats. 


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