I ran away from home and I will probably do it again. - by Tonic the cat

 I ran away from home, and I am proud of it. I finally dared to leave the big garden and seek new adventures. It was terrifying. 

People all around the place came to look for me. They even climbed the fence and jumped in the other garden I was. That takes skills, man! You should join my 'explore all gardens' group. 

The guy who jumped the fence comes by often, but I am still not very sure about him. There's something suspicious about him. I don't know what yet, but definitely keeping the distance. 

When I ran away in the next garden, which is literally separated only by a fence from our garden, I felt invincible. Look at me exploring the world, finding new land. It was a lifetime experience. I am definitely a smarter cat now. I might write a book about this and win an award, maybe. 

Life over the fence is different. You have new perspectives. You gain experience. You grow. 

Our big garden became a comfort zone for me. I am an intelligent cat. I need breaking experiences to be able to achieve my true potential.

Running from home was the best decision ever, and I will do it again when the female human opens the door to the garden.

She hasn't lately. I begged. I yelled. I stole her socks, I jump on the table every day as a protest. Still nothing. She won't do it.

She was furious at me for running away. She doesn't understand that intelligence comes with a price. You can't waste your life in one place when you are me. You have to go and see things: new trees, new bushes, different insects. Infinite possibilities. 

I have no regrets. Life is meant to be extraordinary. If you have to jump a fence to get the adventures of a lifetime, then I jump. 

But until female human opens the door to the big world again, I will eat my delicious food, sleep in her lap all day, play around and tease Gin the cat (my favorite activity).

Have fun exploring. Jump that fence if you must. 

Welcome to Tales with Gin and Tonic - the cats. 


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