I was so sick I almost became nicer - by Gin the cat

 A couple of weeks ago I was sick. So sick that I wanted to, you know...be nice and cute. I mean not nice and cute as I usually am but intentionally. Like I want to be. It was weird, I am telling you. I am not sure I have it in me. 

It was absolutely excruciating. The female human gave me small portions of food and I lost weight. I still looked amazingly perfect but I wasn't being myself. 

We went to the vet

TWICE. She forced me in a cage even though I screamed, and bit and kicked she still managed to lock me in there. I swear that woman is ferocious. ZERO MERCY!

At the vet that mean human, which I am grateful to but still mean, shaved me. ME! He dared to shave my precious golden fur. Worst day of my life. At that point I told myself:

'That's it, king. Your days are over.' 

They took some precious blood and it turned out I am perfect. I could have told them that if they asked me politely. But nooo, they had to torture me. 

We went home where I had a tantrum for another week. 

Food is better now 

The female human did something to the exquisite delicious food and now it is even more exquisite. Damn, I love that woman. She knows what a king wants. 

I am back in my perfect shape. Food is rolling. My fur is shining and I am back to my cocky self. Thank Cat God I didn't make the mistake to become nicer. Damn, that was close. 

Tonic is mean to me

The thing is that spoiled black and white brat is now mean to me. How dare you? I raised you like my own! He is ambushing me all the time and thinks he's better than me. I will have to have a serious conversation with the female human. I hate entitlement! 

Overall, I am back on track and nothing can dethrone me. 

Welcome to Tales with Gin and Tonic - the cats. 

P.S  Female human here: The vet was not mean at all! 


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