Top 5 sleeping positions - by Gin the cat

For the record, I have just woke up. I was sleeping on my female human's legs when she decided I should share my sleeping positions. Who knows maybe there are some cats out there who don't master sleeping positions. No worries fellow cats, I am here with my top best sleeping positions for a cat. 

Sleeping is an art 

You can't just sleep. You have to be a master of how you look when you sleep. It's a technique our ancestors came up with. 

As a cat, you have to look your best, even when sleeping. If you manage to do that, your human won't be able to resist you. That means more delish food, open door to the garden whenever you fluff belly wants, cuddles and scratches, so on and so on. 

Let's get this sleeping party started:

                                        1. Irrestibable baby position

Baby position
Nothing is cuter, softer, more perfect than your 
belly. That's the secret weapon. It is your most delicate part, so use it wisely. Sleep on your back, put your paws in a cute position so it appears you are innocent, full belly cover, pink nose activated. No human could resist that, and if they do, they are not human. 

2. Stretched body - use your fellows as support 

This one is easy. You use your cat brother/sister as support for your head or back. The paws are essential to be uncovered in case human wants to give them a kiss. You have to look extremely powerless. Boosts the cuteness. 

Stretched body 
Lap cover

3. Complete lap cover 

The human lap is your best sleeping bed. Have you told your human that all those expensive beds they're buying are nothing compared to the lap? Me neither, 'cause I like new stuff. When you decide to sleep in your human's lap, you have to go full cover. No empty spaces. You combine the baby position with show whole body so your human can have more of you to snuggle. 

Regular lap position

    4. Regular lap sleeping when human is working (right)

     Easy one. If you see your human working, you go and sit in their lap.      Put a smile on your face so the human can acknowledge how happy you are to warm their body. Success is guaranteed. 

Full bed position
     5. Full bed 

The classic one. Cover as much space as possible. Stretch your body as much as you can to look like you are covering the entire bed. It's good for your muscles. Don't worry the humans; they will usually make room for you. There is no need to look mega cute in this one. Just make sure the humans see you. 

Bonus! Half lap half bed

I learned this one from my little brother Tonic. He's cool and all. He is the master of lap sleeping positions. He'll tell you more when he's in the mood. But this position is something only true masters can do it properly. Keep your body on the human's lap to protect vital organs, and slight smoothly with your head on the bed. GOD. How is he doing that? I need to learn! 

Keep in mind that sleeping is an art. You can't just go to sleep and think that would do. Do it with passion, put your soul in it. Work that fluffy paws and belly and achieve greatness. 


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