Into the forest - The Big Green by Gin&Tonic

The Big Green. Always there. We've been watching the humans go there for months always wondering why can't we reach them. We could see, hear, smell them, but there's an invisible thing we kept scratching but nothing...

One day the female human opened the door to the Big Green and called for us. We were so curious and thrilled, and our hearts were racing out of the chest. All these sounds, smells, new elements, a whole new world.

(G) As a big brother, I stepped out first. Slowly, keeping close to the door so I can run fast inside in case unpredictable dangers would appear. Smell smell smell everything, I said to myself. Oh my God, what are those things flying? I HAVE TO CATCH THEM!

(T) I followed Gin. I always follow the big ginger ball. He told me to smell everything but keep an eye on the door. The grass smelled good, so I started eating it. Delicious, I said. Should eat more of this. Should eat it all.

(G) Yo' Tonic, let's check out this area where the humans can't see us unless we want to.
(T) Sorry G'. This grass is delicious can't stop eating. Have you tried?
(G) I don't have time for nonsense. I have to smell the entire forest. I have to make sure it's safe for us to run and do nothing important.
(T) yeah, cool, but have you tasted the grass?

(G) As I was advancing in my smelling, I came across some stairs and...ARE THOSE FISH? At first, the female human wouldn't allow me there, but as usual, I managed my way into things just by being extremely cute and fat. Every day the female human opens the door to the Big Green, and we step into the freedom...or at least I yell at the invisible thing that stays between the Big Green and me until the female human gives up.

(T) Yesh. The Big Green is incredible. Lots of grass to eat. Excellent buggies to catch, but I still prefer to hang out indoors. I mean, don't get me wrong I like it in the forest. My favorite activity is to play where the dirt is bigger. Soooo relaxing. But when the female human calls me in, I go. She comes first.

(G) Back inside???? Already???? I must cry and yell and act depressed!

(T) Turududu, we're going back inside, and I can cuddle in my female human's lap. So happy. Uuuu ham! YES!

(FH) Gin&Tonic are now discovering the garden. The joy and happiness are beyond the sky. Especially Gin's. The other days he literally acted depressed because I wouldn't let him outside. I thought he's sick, but he was just a drama queen. Tonic is relaxed and chilled. He doesn't care if he can go out or not as long as I am around. In the Netherlands, people allow their cats to wander around the neighborhood, but I won't do that. Being part of rescue groups on Facebook, I see how many people lose their cats like this, and I couldn't bear the pain. I live a constant adventure with these two fluffs.

Welcome to Tales with Gin and Tonic - the cats. 

*the invisible thing = the window


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