Miaw as loud as you can for no reason - tips&tricks - Tonic the cat

Today I am going to share some cat wisdom with you. I am all about results. Stories and jokes are ok but not for a cat that wants to become someone.

Seriously Gin? The Ginger privilege? You shallow fat cat. 

It's Tips and Tricks with Tonic time

I am a black and white cat. It's the equivalent of being Jewish. No one understands us. We are interesting and cute but still not too chic and instagramable for some. 
That's why I realized that If I want something, I have to MIAW for it. And I mean really miaw. Like loud. So loud that the female lady has to jump out of bed and look for me like crazy everywhere just to find me in front of the door that leads to the....WHITE COLD BOX. 

Today's lesson is easy and fast. My type knows that time is food and food is the best. So no chit-chatting that doesn't lead to food 'cause I have to take a nap and dream about the WHITE COLD BOX. 

In life, you have to fight for what you desire. 

The moment I learned that, I understood that I have to look cute and be sneaky. That's why I put my best face and go hunting. When I see Gin (the entitled brother) sitting on my female human's lap, I know it's time to attack. 

So I slowly make my entrance and ....PAWWWWW HIS HEAD as hard as I can. 

My female human. MINE!

I'm cute. 
But I am fierce
and possibly a bit mean. 

What it's mine it's not sharable but what is yours is also mine. 

Learn and Apply! 

I used to be like you. Soft, fearful, small, insignificant maybe but not anymore. Today, the moment I open my eyes, I know it's wartime. Especially since my entitled brother thinks just because he has that perfect soft amazing fur he can have it all. 

Well, not on my watch! 

I will miaw as loud as I can for no reason just to show everyone I am the one and only in this house. 

Eyes on the WHITE COLD BOX (even when I sleep). 

Welcome to Tales with Gin and Tonic - The cats


  1. I love you Tonic.

  2. I love thw way you describe your cats. Its almost as if tey are really talking to us. It shows you have studied their personality. X

    1. Well I spend all my 24 hours with them and they are literally following me everywhere! I am glad you like their stories. Hugs


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