The Ginger Privilege - by Gin the Cat

The Ginger Cat Effect

Us, Ginger cats are far superior. There is something about us that makes us better. We look better in pictures, Instagram prefers us because of our ginger shadows and patterns, Pinterest definitely is the place for us, we are just...better than anything, I might say.

Look, I am a Lord. 

Not too many cats or humans know that, but I am royal. I walk like a Lord, I talk like a Lord, cat damn it. I even breathe like a Lord. Female human knows that. She treats me accordingly, I like that about her. 

Being ginger comes with privilege and burdens. When humans see me, they have this weird brain pause, and their eyes turn foggy, and it feels like suddenly they are possessed. I don't get that...I mean yes, I am absolutely fabulous but I am only a cat after all...A far superior one, but I don't like to position myself higher than my fellow regular fellow cats. 

Ok, walk with me... I will tell you a story. It's about me. 

I don't want to sound cocky. This is not bragging. I just state facts. I am a cat of facts and truth. I believe in color equality even though black? Seriously? Dude...Ginger is the new black. Ginger was always the black. But as I was saying, I am a cat of equality.

What was the story again? 

Oh yeah ... me. 

Well, I am 10 months old, maybe older but who are you to judge? Just look at my color patterns, and you'll be fine, but listen up. I lived long enough to tell you that there's no other way than ginger. Look at the female human, she's crazy about me. I am crazy about her too but that's a weakness I don't want to explore in this story. 

Even superior cats have weaknesses, ok? Stop judging! 
Anyway, in my life, I learned 1 thing, and you might want to write that down. 

If you are not a ginger cat...what is the point in being anyway? 

They even write books about my kind! 

Ok, I am bored. I need my beauty sleep now. Ta Ta! 

Welcome to Tales with Gin and Tonic - the cats. 


  1. Totally made my day! So adorable

    1. Thank you, human Wiwi. I let the female human reply to the comments I am very busy doing nothing now. Stay healthy, there's some kind of weird virus which doesn't affect cats but humans are in danger I heard.

  2. So funny. It did make my day
    Love the tale of the cats. Keep em coming

    1. Thank you. I am a pretty funny royal cat. The human told me to tell you to stay healthy and safe.

  3. Nice to meet you, Lord Ginger! ��

    1. Nice meeting you too, _Oldish. Stay safe so you can have the unique opportunity to pet me some day.


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