Tonic - the cat

Tonic - the black&white cat

Irrelevant but still a baby

Black and white, the best kind

Rescued by the Breda Shelter and fostered by a nice lady until adopted (the same lady who fostered Gin)

Favorite things to do:
Cuddle with human but not being grabbed. It needs to be my choice.
Leave hair everywhere as much as possible
Miaw as loud as my lungs can especially when human is doing something in the kitchen
Play, day and night but especially at 6 am in the morning
Steal things and then play with them
Sharpen my nails and destroy all the expensive furniture
Eat eat and eat

Favorite food:
Only exquisite food for me

Extremely loving and cuddling
A long nose
Fluffy and soft
Scared and then act brave
Newspaper or any paper destroyer
Understanding human language

Welcome to Tales with Gin&Tonic - the cats.


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When I look in the eyes of an animal I find unconditional love. No amount of pain will make an animal incapable of love again. I've seen so many abused animals. All of my parents' dogs were abused before we rescued them. Most of the cats my parents welcomed in our family had a terrible life before we found them. I can bare any amount of pain and cruelty coming my way but I will never accept cruelty against animals or children or other human beings for that matter. Nothing in this world gives us the right to want somebody else's harm. No other living being should suffer because of us. . . . . #human #love #empathy #zerocruelty #catlady #catlover #animalrescue #adoptdontshop #nocruelty #whereisthelove #unconditionallove #kindness #kind #blackandwhite #instapicture #instacat #instacats #catsarelife #catsofinstagram #crueltyfree #animalsarefamily #family #portrait #loveisintheair #adopt #tonic
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